Fake Books Supported Panels
The Panel is formed by attaching the quality leather Book Spines side by side onto the flat board. It is supported by side boards that make the Panel stand upward. The false Books Supported Panels can be used to cover unattractive items and create library atmosphere. Empty bookshelves can be perfectly decorated with the Panels and the encrusted Book Spines bring authentic finish to a room or an office.
The side boards are attached with hinges and can be spread outward to make the Panel stand.
• Economic - the side boards are beyond the reach of the viewer, hidden by the Panel.
• Exclusive - either one or both side boards can be perfect imitations of Book hardcovers. As a result, the visible side of the Panel appears to look like the first Book on the shelf. The cover in this instance would be beautifully encrusted thus enriching the visual experience.
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